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Diamonds - The Dazzling Birthstone for April

The brilliant shine and incredible luster of diamonds have captivated wearers for centuries. Those born in April have the good fortune of having the most popular and precious gemstone as their traditional birthstone: the diamond.

Known for their unique ability to bring radiant light and sparkle to any occasion, diamondjewelry is the perfect gift for a loved one born in April!

Diamond Lore: As Old as Time

From deep below the surface, the earth’s bounty brings forth the most precious and valuable of its jewels. It takes billions of years for diamonds to form and their beauty has been admired for as long as people have roamed the planet. The earliest recorded history of diamondsbeing collected and traded dates back to the fourth century BC in India. During theMiddle Ages, these treasured gems were thought to possess healing properties that cured the wearerfrom ailments ranging from general fatigue all the way to mental illness. Both its power and beauty were highly prized.

ASparklingTribute of Everlasting Love

The diamond derives its name from the Greek wordadamas,which means indestructible. Incredibly apt considering that diamonds are the hardest naturally occurring substance known to man. Little wonder that diamonds have become an enduring symbol of purity, love and strength.

Ancient Romans believed that Cupid’s arrows were tipped with diamonds.  This is perhaps where the belief that diamonds were seen as love stones originated from. The myth and tradition that surrounds diamonds are woven together fromtales ofthe stone’s power to enhance longevity and honesty in romantic relationships. As the strongest of the precious gems, they were also believed to increase the wearer’s strength, bravery and courage during battle.

Enduring Popularity

The love and admiration of diamondsis as old as timeitself. Fromtheancient Romans who believed that they were tears from the gods, to the first diamond engagement ring given in 1477 as a gift from ArchdukeMaximillian of Austria to his enchanting bride-to-be, Mary of Burgundy- the allure and exquisite beauty of diamonds endures in popularity till this day.

The countries were diamonds were rationally mined has changed over time. India was the world’s original source of diamonds, with is trade starting as far back as the early 1400’s. One of the world’s most famous diamonds, theKoh-i-Noor, now part of the British Crown Jewels, was mined India.While India’s diamond supply has drastically declined since its glory days, diamonds are still mined today around the world, particularly in South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Canada and Russia. South Africa is home to the largestknowndiamond reserve in the world, as well as the largest diamond ever to be discovered- TheCullinan – weighing an incredible 3,106 carats.


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