Alysha Whitfield has been creating jewelry full time since 2009. She started as a self-taught jeweler learning from books, magazines and online forums. As her work progressed she dove into taking professional metalsmith courses and continues to take these specialty classes from industry professionals around the country.


Alysha spent her early childhood growing up in rural Wisconsin. She has fond memories of riding her bike down the road to the "rock pile", which was an old construction dirt site with mountains of rocks. She would spend hours digging into these rock piles to find pretty quartz stones and fossils. Alysha has always been drawn to gemstones. She still has an old quaker oats container filled with these treasures sitting in her studio.

When Alysha was 8, she moved to the east coast to live on a horse farm in New Hampshire. She spent most of her time outside exploring the woods with her horses. Her love of nature and gemstones inspires her to make jewelry that is authentic, simple and organic.


Alysha crafts her jewelry by hand using metalsmith techniques that have been practiced for centuries. She works in all precious metal alloys and enjoys using ethically sourced, natural gemstones and Diamonds in her designs. She currently specializes in creating rings - there is something magical about them. A ring is a very personal and sentimental object that can represent a significant time in a person's life. It can hold more meaning than any other piece of jewelry.


Alysha currently lives in Apex, North Carolina with her husband, Brad, and her furry studio companions: a Pomeranian and two rescue kitties.





As the owner of a small jewelry business located in the United States, I am proud to say that I purchase all of my supplies from US companies. This includes all materials used for crafting your jewelry, jewelry polishing cloths, packing supplies and shipping materials. All of my work is crafted exclusively by me, in my studio in Apex, NC. I purchase my metals and gemstones from reputable US companies; one of them being a refinery who recycles their own metals. When you purchase a piece of jewelry from me, you are not only supporting my work, you are supporting many other American businesses as well.

Ring Sizing Kit
Complimentary Ring Sizing Kit With Your Ring Purchase
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