Custom Jewelry

Welcome to the world of custom jewelry! We are here to help you create the ring of your dreams.

Tell us all about your vision - your favorite gemstone, the type of metal you're looking for and upload your inspiration photos!

Do you have a family heirloom that you'd like to re-design?
Perhaps you have your grandmother's diamonds and you'd like to have them set in a new ring - we can help!

Are you on the hunt for a unique gemstone or diamond?
We have a whole catalog of diamonds and gemstones for you to look through. If you still can't find the stone of your dreams, let us know. Searching for the perfect, one of a kind stone is my passion (second to making jewelry of course).


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Ring Sizing Kit
Complimentary Ring Sizing Kit With Your Ring Purchase
Not sure what ring size you need? This ring sizing kit will accurately measure your finger for any ring in my shop! They're also handy to keep in your jewelry box for future use. You can purchase the ring sizing kit individually or request one free with your ring purchase. A kit will be sent out to you, right away, before your order is crafted.

Ring Sizing Kit - Multi-sizer Adjustable Finger Gauge & Sizing Sheet