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Gemstone Properties & Information

"These gems have life in them: their colors speak, say what words fail of." - George Eliot
There are millions of gemstones on earth. Each one is unique; it has it's own fingerprint and energy. There are gemstones that are billions of years old and some that were formed within the last century. This is a list of just some of those gemstones. I am not limited to using only the gemstones you find here. If there is a gemstone you wish to find more information about, please contact me.


- Alexandrite -

(June Birthstone)

Alexandrite received its name from the Russian tsar, Alexander II. It was discovered in Russia in 1834 while mining for Emeralds. At first, the miners thought this Alexandrite mineral was Emerald. Legend is that the miners knew they had found a new mineral when they were sitting around the fire and the Alexandrite changed color from green to red. Alexandrite is perhaps the rarest of all colored gemstones in the market today. It is a rare color-changing stone which exhibits a blue-green color in natural light and a red-violet color in artificial lighting. Alexandrite is a centering stone. It creates balance between mental and emotional states and reinforces self-esteem. Alexandrite is also known as a magical gemstone that brings good fortune to its wearer.


- Amethyst -

(February Birthstone)

The word Amethyst comes from the ancient Greek a-methustos which means “not intoxicated”. It was once believed that Amethyst would protect its owner from drunkenness. European soldiers would wear Amethyst amulets believing it would protect them in battle, heal and keep them “cool-headed”. Amethyst is the purple variety of Quartz. It is a stone of peace and contentment bringing calmness, balance and patience to its owner. It has a “warm and cuddly” feeling as well as being regal and ruling. Amethyst increases spirituality and enhances intuition.


- Aquamarine –

(March Birthstone)

Aquamarine belongs to the beryl family and is closely related to Emerald and Morganite. The word Aquamarine comes from the Latin words "aqua marina" which means "ocean water” which describes its beautiful blue color. Aquamarine is believed to have the ability to absorb the energy of young love and to reawaken the love of married couples. This is a gift that is often given to a bride or for an anniversary. Aquamarine is also said to aid in legal matters and is known as the “stone of courage”.  It was given to soldiers, believing it would keep them safe in battle.


- Citrine -

(November Birthstone)

The name Citrine came from the French word citron, which means “lemon”. It is the orange-yellow variety of Quartz and is very closely related to purple Amethyst, another variety of Quartz. The only difference between Citrine and Amethyst is the oxidation levels of iron ions in the gemstones. Citrine is known as the “merchant’s stone”. It would be placed in a cash box or register to attract and maintain wealth. Faceted Citrine is quite helpful in problem solving as it connects the intellect with total perfection. Citrine helps to dispel and transform negative energy. It also promotes open-ness and metal awareness.


- Diamond -

(April Birthstone)

The name Diamond comes from the greek word adámas which means “unbreakable”. The diamond is the hardest natural substance in existence. Diamonds are created out of pure carbon and are formed in the Earth’s mantle with extreme pressure and high temperatures. It takes 1 billion to 3.3 billion years for a diamond to form. These precious gemstones can come in a variety of colors including blue, yellow, brown, green, purple, pink, orange or red. These colors are formed from impurities in the diamond. The Diamond is a symbol of purity. It represents love and strength in relationships and promotes cohesive partnerships.


- Emerald -

(May Birthstone)

Emerald is the most precious gemstone in the beryl family and is closely related to Aquamarine and Morganite. Emerald’s name comes from the French word “esmeralde”, which is derived from the Greek word “smaragdos”, meaning “green stone”. All natural emeralds have inclusions which show the gemstones growth pattern. These inclusions do not necessarily diminish the value of the gemstone; rather, it proves the Emerald’s natural authenticity. Emerald is known as the “stone of successful love”. It promotes loyalty between domestic partners and instills sensitivity while helping to quiet emotions. It is said that Emerald can release negativity and promote positive actions. It is also said to enhance memory and intelligence.


- Garnet -

(January Birthstone)

Garnet can be found all over the world in many colors – red, pink, orange, yellow, green and, even sometimes, blue and purple. The name Garnet comes from the Latin word “granatum”, meaning “dark red”. This gemstone is a popular gift for the 2nd and 6th wedding anniversary. Garnet is often known as “the stone of commitment”. It reflects the feeling of love and devotion for yourself and others; providing warmth, compassion and understanding. Garnet has also been used for manifestation, which can aid in achieving your goals and dreams.


- Opal -

(October Birthstone)

Opal is formed by rain water in dry deserts, such as the Australian deserts where Opal is prevalent. The rain water seeps deep into the underground rock carrying silica from the desert sands down with it. The deposits of silica and water run into the cracks of sediment rocks. As the water evaporates, the silica hardens and becomes an Opal. All Opals hold some water. It is important to make sure your opal does not dry out. This could cause the Opal to crack or break.

The name Opal came from the Roman word “opalus”, which derived from the Greek word “opallios”, which means “to see a change of color”. Opal is said to strongly amplify your traits and characteristics. It will help you find creativeness within yourself by providing inspiration and imagination. Opal has also been used to strengthen memory. It can instill faithfulness and loyalty in love.


- Pearl -

(June Birthstone)

The word Pearl comes from the latin word perna which means “leg”, after the leg-like shape of the mollusk in which the pearls came from. It is a common myth that a grain of sand is what causes the irritant for a mollusk to create a pearl. Pearls are formed inside the shell as a defense mechanism against parasites or other harmful irritants. Most often pearls are created from damage to the creature’s mantle tissue which travels to another area of the mollusk’s body. In cultured pearls, a piece of this mantel tissue is introduced to the mollusk to cause the irritant. Ultimately, pearls are a result of the mollusk’s functioning immune system. Pearls are iridescent in nature and have a beautiful luster which is hard to replicate in imitation pearls. Natural pearls are cool to the touch. It is said that a bride should wear pearls on her wedding day to keep her cool and calm. Pearls symbolize purity and sincerity. They can purify and clear your mind and body to give you a “clean slate” to move forward.


- Peridot -

(August Birthstone)

The name Peridot comes from the Arabic word faridat, which means “gem”. It is one of the oldest known gemstones with records dating back 3500 years. Perdiot is found all over the world. Some notable regions include Arizona, China, Pakistan and Vietnam. It is one of the few gemstones that is only found in one color, although the shades of green can vary. Peridot has been found in meteors that have fallen to Earth and it has also been discovered on Mars and the moon. Peridot is said to bring openness and acceptance in relationships. It also lessens anger and jealousy by inspiring personal happiness within one’s self. Peridot is also a great healing stone that is said to strengthen and regenerate the body.


- Quartz -

The name Quartz comes from the German word quarz, which came from the Slavic and Polish words meaning “hard”. Quartz is one of the most important minerals on the planet. It is the second most abundant mineral on Earth and is found all over the world. It has been used in jewelry for centuries and it also has many important industrial uses. Quartz crystal is often found in watches to accurately regulate and keep time. Quartz is the “stone of power”. It is used to harmonize and transform energy, thoughts, consciousness and emotions. Quartz has been used as a healing stone for centuries. It allows for the flow of energy and clears blockages. Scientifically, a significant increase in alpha brainwaves is found when holding a quartz crystal for just half an hour.


- Ruby –

(July Birthstone)

Ruby is perhaps the most precious of the colored gemstones in the market. Its name comes from the Latin word ruber, which means Red. Ruby is known for this beautiful red color and its hardness is second to the Diamond. This hardness makes the Ruby a wonderful Diamond alternative. Ruby is a variety of the mineral corundum and is closely related to Sapphire. Ruby is known as the stone of “nobility”. It promotes love, support and nurturing and is also a wonderful stone for protection against negative energies and unhappiness. Ruby is also said to assist in the attainment of your ultimate values. It can bring light into your life promoting creativity and awareness.


- Sapphire -

(September Birthstone)

The word Sapphire comes from the Greek word sappheiros which means “Blue Stone”. Sapphire is a variety of the mineral corundum. The sapphire color ranges from blue, purple, orange, yellow and green. Red Sapphires are called Rubies, which is the corundum material with chromium impurities that turn the stone a pink color. Sapphire’s hardness is second to the Diamond. This hardness makes the Sapphire a wonderful Diamond alternative in engagement rings. Sapphires are known as the stone of wisdom and royalty. They are said to release tension, calm and heal the mind and facilitate creativity and self-expression.


- Smoky Quartz -

Smoky Quartz is a form of quartz that is found in the colors brown, grey and black. These smoky colors are caused by natural irradiation of the Quartz crystal. Smoky Quartz is a gentle stone used to dissolve negative energy and relieve emotional blockages. It balances yin-yang energies and helps balance the mind, spirit and one’s energy. Smoky Quartz is an excellent protective and grounding stone. It also promotes personal happiness and joy in living.


- Spinel -

The word Spinel comes from the Latin word spina, which translates to “thorn”, due to its pointy crystal form. Spinel has been used in jewelry for centuries. It comes in many colors including black, blue, brown, green, orange, red, violet, yellow and colorless. Spinel is known as “the stone of immortality". It is used to renew energy and bring freshness to life. It has the energy of beauty and has been said to enhance personal appearance as well as increase positive aspects of one’s personality.


- Tanzanite -

(December Birthstone)

Tanzanite is a variety of zoisite only found in Tanzania. It was discovered in 1967 and originally named Blue Zoisite. It was re-named Tanzanitie by Tiffany & Co. after the country in which it was found. Tanzanite is well known for its magical blue-purple color which can change appearance under different lighting. Tanzanite is known as the “stone of magic”. It is often used as a manifestation stone. Tanzanite stimulates the throat and third-eye chakra and, while wearing Tanzanite, it can bring together aspects of communication and psychic powers.


- Topaz -

(December Birthstone)

The word Topaz comes from the Topasos Island in the Red Sea. This island is where the Greeks mined a yellow stone they believed to be Topaz. The word Topasos means “to seek”. The history of topaz dates back almost two thousand years. The Egyptians used to believe that yellow topaz received its golden color from the sun god, Ra. Topaz is a stone of true love and success in all endeavors. It can help you feel confident in your goals and decisions. Topaz’ energy acts with the laws of attraction, attracting to you your hopes and dreams and provides a clear path to manifest those dreams. This stone will dispel negativity and replace it with joy and love.


- Tourmaline -

(October Birthstone - Pink Tourmaline)

The word Tourmaline comes from the Sinhalese word, "turamali", which means "stone with various colors". Tourmaline comes in a variety of vibrant colors. It is considered to be the world’s most versatile gemstone. The most popular Tourmaline colors are red, pink, green, blue and the multi-colored watermelon tourmaline. An interesting fact about Tourmaline is that it can hold an electrical charge. If you rub two tourmaline gemstones together you can produce static electricity within the gems. Because of this, the Tourmaline was given the nickname “electric stone”. Tourmaline has been mined in the United States for centuries and, because of the large supply of Tourmaline in the US, it has been deemed the national gemstone for the United States. The US was the primary source for Tourmaline until the early 1900’s. Now, Tourmaline can be found all around the world. Tourmaline acts to clear, balance and stimulate areas of the body and mind. It has been used to attract inspiration and promote self-confidence. It is also known as a “telling” stone, providing knowledge during times of struggle and direction to what is “good”. 


- Turquoise -

(December Birthstone)

Turquoise is formed in dry regions where the soil is acidic and rich in copper. It is a sediment that is made up of hydrated copper and aluminum phosphate. The word Turquoise comes from the French word for Turkish, as this gemstone was originally imported from Turkey. Turquoise is a wonderful attunement gemstone for healing the mind, body and spirit. It is a soothing gemstone that provides protection and peace of mind. It has been said that turquoise changes color to warn against approaching danger. In ancient times Turquoise was used to insure property and protect against accidents. Native American Indians considered it to be a protective stone and a bestower of goodness.


- Zircon -

Zircon is a natural occurring gemstone that is often confused with the man-made cubic zirconia. Zircon is the oldest gemstone on Earth with samples found in Australia that are over 4.4 billion years old. Before diamond simulants like cubic zirconia and moissanite were introduced, Zircon was the most popular Diamond alternative. It has a high refractive index making the Zircon the most brilliant gemstone next to the Diamond. Zircon is known as the “stone of virtue”. It promotes unions of all kinds; physical, mental and spiritual. It also symbolizes faithfulness, purity and innocence.