Natural Rose Cut Gray Dimaond Halo Ring & Eternity Band Set

Size Guide
Engagement Ring:
This focal, rose cut, raw, genuine Diamond is approx. 7mm round and completely natural - it's a beauty. There is only one of these rose cut diamonds left for purchase. The rose cut diamond is surrounded by a halo of white diamonds.
The Eternity Wedding Band fits snugly between these two thin bands.

Eternity Band:
The Eternity band measures 1.5mm wide and 1.5mm thick. Together, this whole ring band set equals 3.5mm wide. This band has .9mm conflict free Diamonds hand set all the way around the band. This Eternity band fits snugly between the two bands of the Halo ring, so it will stay in place and not spin. Both rings have been polished to a high shine.

- Engagement Ring -
• 7mm/1.28ct rose cut gray Diamond
• Handcrafted bezel setting
• Eighteen 1.3mm/0.18tcw Diamonds in the halo setting
• Halo setting - 12mm in diameter
• Two parallel bands - 1mm wide x 1.5mm thick

- Wedding Band -
• 1.5mm x 1.5mm square band
• .9mm Diamonds set all the way around the band

• High shine polished finish
• Pictured in 14k Yellow Gold
• Handcrafted in your choice of metal - available in 14k Yellow Gold, Rose Gold or Palladium White Gold
» Please visit this link to read more about the difference between traditional White Gold and Palladium White Gold

♥ This ring can be created with your choice of gemstone or other modifications. Please contact me to discuss your options.

- Diamond -
(April Birthstone)
The name Diamond comes from the greek word adámas which means “unbreakable”. The diamond is the hardest natural substance in existence. Diamonds are created out of pure carbon and are formed in the Earth’s mantle with extreme pressure and high temperatures. It takes 1 billion to 3.3 billion years for a diamond to form. These precious gemstones can come in a variety of colors including blue, yellow, brown, green, purple, pink, orange or red. These colors are formed from impurities in the diamond. The Diamond is a symbol of purity. It represents love and strength in relationships and promotes cohesive partnerships.

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