Simple AAA Australian White Opal Ring

Size Guide
This is a simple handcrafted ring made in your choice of metal (shown in 14k Rose Gold) with a 4mm genuine AAA grade Opal gemstone - Opal is October's birthstone. This gemstone has brilliant color. The photos unfortunately can not capture every fleck of color in this opal. The last photo was taken in outside in natural sunlight.

• Natural Opal Cabochon
• Low profile bezel setting
• 1.75mm wide half round ring band
• High shine polished finish
• Pictured in 14k Rose Gold
• Handcrafted in your choice of metal - available in 14k Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, Palladium White Gold or 950 Palladium

♥ This ring can be created with your choice of gemstone or other modifications. Please contact me to discuss your options.

- Opal -
(October Birthstone)
Opal is formed by rain water in dry deserts, such as the Australian deserts where Opal is prevalent. The rain water seeps deep into the underground rock carrying silica from the desert sands down with it. The deposits of silica and water run into the cracks of sediment rocks. As the water evaporates, the silica hardens and becomes an Opal. All Opals hold some water. It is important to make sure your opal does not dry out. This could cause the Opal to crack or break.
The name Opal came from the Roman word “opalus”, which derived from the Greek word “opallios”, which means “to see a change of color”. Opal is said to strongly amplify your traits and characteristics. It will help you find creativeness within yourself by providing inspiration and imagination. Opal has also been used to strengthen memory. It can instill faithfulness and loyalty in love.

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