Textured Ombre Pink Madagascar Ruby Ring

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This is a simple ring handcrafted with a 2.5mm Pink Madagascar Ruby. The half round band is 3mm wide and hammered with a texture that tapers down the sides of the ring. This ring is oxidized (ONLY in Sterling Silver) and this oxidation is strongest at the diamond setting and fades down the side of the band with the texture. This whole ring was then polished to a high shine.

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- Ruby –
(July Birthstone)
Ruby is perhaps the most precious of the colored gemstones in the market. Its name comes from the Latin word ruber, which means Red. Ruby is known for this beautiful red color and its hardness is second to the Diamond. This hardness makes the Ruby a wonderful Diamond alternative. Ruby is a variety of the mineral corundum and is closely related to Sapphire. Ruby is known as the stone of “nobility”. It promotes love, support and nurturing and is also a wonderful stone for protection against negative energies and unhappiness. Ruby is also said to assist in the attainment of your ultimate values. It can bring light into your life promoting creativity and awareness.

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Ring Sizing Kit

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