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Celebrate Your Life's Story With Meaningful Fine Jewelry

Create a truly unique piece that honors your accomplishments and memories. We intertwine our design process with sustainable living practices to bring you a unique collection of bespoke jewelry, featuring stunning engagement rings, sentimental birthstone pieces, and pieces that commemorate your life's unique story. Each piece is created in our North Carolina studio with ethically sourced gemstones and recycled metals.

Choose from a range of stunning designs, gemstones, and metal colors to personalize your own ring, or work with us to create a bespoke piece that captures your individuality and helps support a healthy planet.


Your Questions Answered (FAQ)

We share your concerns. That's why we only use diamonds from ethical sources known to be conflict and cruelty-free by following The Kimberly Process. We also work with many other types of precious and semiprecious gems such as lab-grown diamonds, Charles & Colvard Moissanite and Sapphires. The goal is to provide not just custom diamond engagement rings but the jewelry gift that resonates with you and your loved one.

Not at all. Besides our ethically sourced gemstones, we also use only 100% SCS Certified Recycled Metals for all of our custom diamond engagement rings and jewelry. While estate jewelry can be special and lovely, there is nothing like having an engagement ring designed only for you by the person who has asked to share their life with you.

One of our custom jewelry specialties is mother's rings. They can be as simple as a band with the children's birthstones or as elaborate as any other type of jewelry, combining birthstones with precious gems in unique settings. The beauty of working with us is that we take the time to learn about our clients to tailor the item specifically to the recipient of the gift.

That is a fair question. You can often find me at my bench handcrafting pieces. We don't use standard templates or reuse someone else's custom design. Even if you provide a picture of something that inspires you, your jewelry will be completely original and customized specifically for you or your loved one.

Absolutely. We stand behind our work and our products. All our custom diamond engagement rings and other custom jewelry is warrantied for life.

Yes, we do. We understand that a custom diamond engagement ring is an investment, one that we hope becomes a family heirloom to be worn for a lifetime and passed on with love. That's why we provide financing as low as 0%.

This is a popular question and one that we answer often. There are a few ways you can determine the correct ring size without blowing your cover!

-Use one of their existing rings worn on the finger they will wear the engagement ring.

- Get a friend or family member to help. Just be sure the person is trustworthy, so they don't spoil the surprise.

- Use another surprise proposal as a conversation starter, such as, "I wonder how they knew what size ring to buy?" Perhaps you'll get the answer from your future betrothed without asking outright.

- Casually compare hands and move into ring sizes.

+ If none of the above works, you could always ask. You have a few options here:

- Explain that you want to propose but want to present the ring when you do it.

- Ask for the size and tell them not to ask any questions. 

-Blame it on your friend/brother/sister/cousin who wants to propose to their partner who is close in size to your partner and is trying to figure out the ring size.

- Propose first and tell them that you want the ring to be as special as they are so you'll design it together.