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Ring Sizing - find your correct ring size

Alysha Whitfield Jewelry

Multi-sizer Adjustable Finger Gauge & Sizing Sheet

This ring sizing kit comes with two tools to confirm your ring size.

The multi-sizer works like a belt. Just tighten it around your finger until it fits comfortably and look to the black arrow to find your ring size.

The ring sizer sheet allows you to snap individual rings out of the sheet. Try each size on to see what is most comfortable. When you find the one that fits best, look at the ring size on the blue tab.

The adjustable sizing tool and the ring sizing sheet are both approximately 4mm-5mm wide. Both of these ring sizing tools will give an accurate measurement for the rings in my store.

Are you making a ring purchase but you're not sure what ring size to order?

This ring sizing kit is free with your ring purchase! Just choose "Send Ring Sizer Kit" in the ring size drop down menu in the ring listing.

Not ready to make a ring purchase but would like a sizing kit anyway?

No problem! You can still receive the kit for free - just pay shipping & handling.
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