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My Story Started With A Pile Of Rocks

I’m Alysha and I’m the owner and creator behind Alysha Whitfield Jewelry. My collections are made for the soulful romantic; those who wish to express their life's story through the art of fine jewelry.

I am inspired by vintage style, nature and the earth’s natural gems. All gemstones and diamonds in my work are ethically sourced and, in order to reduce the environmental impact, all metals are recycled.

Jewelry is made to honor our strengths, commitments, achievements and memories. It is made to wear as a symbol to represent your journey. And it represents mine as well.

I grew up in rural Wisconsin with fond memories of riding my bike down the road to the "rock pile". This old construction dirt site had mountains of rocks. (I’m not kidding, the piles were as big as a two story house!) I spent hours digging through them to find the prettiest quartz stones and the most unusual fossils. I saved the best ones in my Quaker Oats container; which I still have today!

Just like a ring, my appreciation for rocks, crystals and fossils has come full circle. My 3-year-old son loves rocks. He’s fascinated by the shapes and colors, and will spend hours outside picking the best ones for his own collection. So, of course, it seemed entirely appropriate to store them in his very own oats container.

Helping Clients Worldwide Celebrate Their Life Story

I work alongside some of the best jewelers in the industry to produce heirloom quality jewelry that can live on for decades. There's no limit to what we can achieve.

I've spent the last 12 years perfecting my craft and learning multiple production methods to create the custom jewelry you desire. I have the ability to hand fabricate jewelry at my bench if you're seeking a truly handmade piece or I can design your jewelry using my sophisticated computer software when precision, detail and predictability are top priority.

Specializing in Ring Design

Even though we can create all forms of jewelry, I am highly specialized in creating engagement rings and Mother’s rings.

They’re the piece of jewelry you wear the most; the piece you never take off. Rings are memories frozen in time. Rings are symbols of trust, loyalty, and love. Rings are power.