Jewelry Care & Cleaning

Your jewlery will last a lifetime with proper care and yearly inspections from your local jeweler. Follow these tips to care for your jewelry:

  • Over time Sterling Silver jewelry may develop a patina. You can remove this by carefully polishing the metal with a silver polishing cloth. You may also bring back shine to Gold, Platinum or Paladium jewelry by using this polishing cloth.

*It is not recommended to use a cream polishing compound or liquid solution to clean your jewelry. This is because your jewelry may have porous gemstones that could be ruined by many of these chemical cleaning solutions. These solutions can also take off the patina that your jewelry was artfully crafted with. If you have any questions about using liquid solutions, please contact me.

  • Use a 100% cotton cloth to gently wipe off any dirt, oil or make-up after wearing your jewelry

  • It is best not to wear your jewelry to bed or in the shower

  • Do not expose your jewelry to harsh chemicals

  • Be gentle with precious and semi-precious gemstones. Insurance is recommended for loss or damage

  • If your gemstone setting is crafted with prongs you may need to get them re-tipped after years of wear. This is because the prongs wear down and could break off. Visit your local jeweler annually to inspect wear on your prong setting.

  • If your ring is crafted with an Opal, it is very important to make sure your opal does not dry out. This could cause the opal to crack or break.

Ring Sizing Kit

Complimentary Ring Sizing Kit With Your Ring Purchase

Not sure of your ring size? This sizing kit will accurately provide your ring size. They're also handy to keep in your jewelry box for future use! You can purchase the ring sizing kit individually or request one free with your ring purchase. Just select "Send Ring Sizing Kit" in the ring size drop-down menu when purchasing your ring. A kit will be sent out to you right away, before your order is crafted.

Ring Sizing Kit

Ring Sizing Kit - Multi-sizer Adjustable Finger Gauge & Sizing Sheet - Free with Ring Purchase




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