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Chicken & Egg Charm Pendant

Bee.Jeweled.Coop by Alysha Whitfield

Color: White Gold
White Gold
Yellow Gold
Rose Gold
Sterling Silver
Chain: Charm Only (no chain)

Created for chicken keepers and those who love these feathery creatures.

Chickens have held a variety of meaning and symbolism throughout history -- from prosperity and abundance, fertility and even as fortune tellers.

Carved by hand from wax with a detailed hen on the front and surrounded with a decorative vintage inspired frame. On the back of the charm is an egg with a textured nest-like background.

Handmade in your choice of metal: 14k White Gold, Yellow Gold or Rose Gold.

Sterling Silver availability is limited. To be notified of the next launch, fill out the form HERE.


• Handmade chicken charm with hen & egg

• 16" - 20" 1mm cable chain (optional)

• Created in 14k White Gold, Yellow Gold or Rose Gold

Our signature White Gold is 100% nickel-free and alloyed with hypoallergenic Palladium.

Find more information about our unique Palladium White Gold alloy in the latest article HERE.

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