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Find your perfect ring size with our Concierge Ring Sizing Service

8-Steps to Ensure a Perfectly Fitting Ring

Have you been dreaming of a stunning new ring? Are you concerned about making a significant purchase online, because you don’t know your ring size? No worries! With the right tools, and years of experience, I can help determine your correct size and ease your fears.


Follow these 8-Steps and you’ll be well on your way to the perfectly-fitting ring of your dreams...

    #1: Try Our Ring Sizing System

    If you have no idea what your ring size is, don’t worry! I will assist you in finding your perfect size by working with these ring sizing tools.  The beauty of this system is that I have the same set in my studio so I can double-check your size against my own tools

    #2: How To Use The Tools

    The Ring-Sizing kit comes with two tools to confirm your ring size: 
    • The multi-sizer works like a belt. Just tighten it around your finger until it fits comfortably and look to the black arrow to find your ring size.
    • The ring-sizer sheet allows you to snap individual rings out of the sheet to try on.

        #3: We Tailor The Experience For Your Unique Ring

        If the ring you’re purchasing is significantly wider than the ring sizers, We can approach sizing one of two ways. I will either send you a customized assortment of ring sizers that match the band width or I can create a model of the exact ring for you to try on. (Click here for more info about ring models). Wider rings sometimes require a slight adjustment to determine accurate sizing.

          #4: Custom Jewelry - What To Expect 

          I create these ring models for every single one of my custom clients. So, if we are creating a custom ring together, you can expect an exact replica of your ring shipped right to your front door. If the first one doesn’t fit perfectly, we will adjust and send another until we achieve the perfect fit. 

            #5: Re-Sizing An In-Stock Ring 

            If you’re purchasing an in-stock ring and you want it resized before we send it to you, I strongly recommend using both my Ring-Sizer kit as well as a replica model of the ring before resizing. My Ring-Sizers were designed to avoid resizing multiple times, which can get costly. 

              #6: Adjust For Weather and Season

              When you receive my Ring-Sizer kit, I suggest trying on the sizer in the morning and at night since finger size can fluctuate throughout the day. We also want to factor in your local weather and the season to make the best assessment for size.

                #7: Not All Rings Can Be Resized

                Some rings cannot be resized, and others are very difficult to resize. If this is the case, with your selected ring, we’ll discuss in advance, to double-check your size against my tools. 

                  #8: Surprise Proposals & Gift Purchases

                  If you’re purchasing this ring for a proposal or gift and you don’t know the ring size, please contact me. This type of sizing can be a little tricky but I am here to walk you through figuring it out!

                    Are you ready to get started? Send me a message-- I would love to assist you with finding your perfect ring size. 

                    Not ready to make a ring purchase but would like a sizing kit anyway? No problem! You can still receive the ring sizing kit HERE for free, simply pay for shipping and handling.

                    Still have questions? Visit my FAQs, or contact me. I’m always happy to help.