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How to Find The Perfect Ring Size

Are you planning a surprise proposal or gifting a ring to someone special? You'll need to know their ring size first! Here are a few ways you can determine the correct ring size without blowing your cover.

1. Use one of their existing rings worn on the finger they will wear the new ring. You can measure the inside diameter of the ring with this ring sizing guide or bring it to a local jewelry counter (like the one in costco) and have them measure the ring size for you.

2. Get a friend or family member to help. Just be sure the person is trustworthy, so they don't spoil the surprise.

3. Use another surprise proposal or gift as a conversation starter, such as, "I wonder how they knew what size ring to buy?" Perhaps you'll get the answer from your future betrothed without asking outright.

4. Casually compare hands and move into ring sizes.


If none of the above works, you could always ask. You have a few options here:

 Explain that you want to propose or give a ring as a gift and would like to know their ring size first.

• Ask for the size and tell them not to ask any questions. 

• Blame it on your friend/brother/sister/cousin who wants to propose to their partner who is close in size to your partner and is trying to figure out the ring size.

 Tell them that you want this ring to be as special as they are so you'll design it together.

• If they need assistance figuring out their ring size, you can purchase a ring sizing kit to help.

 ring sizing kit


If you're still left to guess the ring size after trying the methods above, or you really don't want to ruin a surprise, don't worry! We offer complimentary ring sizing within the first year of purchase. Just send it back to us and we'll resize the ring for the perfect fit.