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November Birthstone: The Warming Glow of Citrine

November Birthstone: The Golden Radiance of Citrine

Citrine has long been treasured as a gleaming gift from the sun, renowned for its magnificent golden hues. This sun-kissed gem is the birthstone for November and embodies warmth, positivity, radiant abundance, and the sparkling energetic quality of the sun- a wonderful sentiment to have in a birthstone! Citrine is a variety of transparent quartz that inherits its warm, sunny color from traces of iron present in the quartz crystal. More commonly known for its beautiful yellow-gold color, it might surprise you that Citrine gemstones come in a glowing spectrum of warm-toned shades to dazzle and delight!

Jewel with Many Names

While the November birthstone’s color and charm may be synonymous with the sun, the origin of its name is a decidedly more down to earth matter. Its name roots from the Latin word‘citrina’ which refers to a type of citrus and came to mean both‘lemon’and‘yellow’. Citrine’s golden gleam was first appreciated in Ancient Greece, as far back as 300 BC. Throughout the winding course of history, it became known as the‘merchant’s stone’, as it was widely believed that the gem attracted wealth, good fortune, and prosperity. It is often referred to as the ‘healing quartz’. Considered by many to possess potent healing properties, Citrine is thought to empower its wearer with vitality, positive energy, and well-being, as well as guarding against illness. While beliefs and mythology surrounding this beautiful stone have morphed throughout history, one thing youcan be certain of is that Citrine is a characterful gem that gives off an air of effortless enchantment.

Glowing Spectrum of Sun-Soaked Color

Radiating warmth and an embracing golden glow, Citrine offers up a nuanced spectrum of sun-kissed shades. Its captivating color variation reflects the sun’s glorious ascent in the sky above. Ranging from delicate lemon yellow, reminiscent of the gentle rays of the early morning sun to more opulent hues of golden honey that evoke images of the glorious sun at midday. Just like the radiant sun, growing in intensity and warmth, Citrine puts on a spectacular display of saturated earth tones such as burnt orange and tawny amber, which illicit the beauty of a brilliant sunset. 

In color therapy yellow is symbolic of happiness, hope, and freedom, as well as stimulating a sense of well-being. Orange has an energizing quality and relates to enthusiasm, warmth, confidence, and vitality. Interesting to note that these same qualities are attributed to the November birthstone of Citrine and that the color assigned to the month is in fact, golden yellow. This concept of the therapeutic nature of color, dates back to the ancient Egyptians who used sun-activated solarium rooms constructed from colored glass in their healing practices – making Citrine’s association with the sun even more serendipitous!

Attracting Adoration through the Ages

Since the age of antiquity, Citrine has been a beloved decorative jewel. It was a firm favourite amongst ancient Greek and Roman jewellers who reserved its use for the adornment of rings destined for important fingers. Citrine grew in popularity during the Victorian era, spurned on by Queen Victoria’s own fondness for embellishing her royal attire with the radiance of their golden glow. Later, it experienced another surge in popularity as part of the Art Deco movement in the 1930’s. During this time, it would be Hollywood royalty, the glamorous likes of Greta Garbo and Joan Crawford, that would bring the richness and warmth of Citrine jewelry back into public consciousness. More recently, actress and humanitarian, Angelina Jolie gifted a spectacular Citrine necklace to the Smithsonian Institution’s National Gem Collection. The piece was created in collaboration with high-end jewelry designer, Robort Procop and features 64 graduated cushion cut Citrine gems, centred by a stunning 177 carat pear-shaped Citrine drop. Perhaps it’s Citrine’s enigmatic charm that has kept it a true favourite amongst lovers of coloured gemstones.

Gifting Citrine

Citrine is arguably the most popular yellow gemstone and pairs well with almost any jewelry design. Aside from it being the birthstone for November, Citrine is also the special gem for a 13th wedding anniversary gift. Quite fitting, as these gleaming yellow jewels have been symbols of happiness, positivity, and romance for hundreds of years. 

Enchanting and enigmatic, Citrine’s glowing display of golden color makes it a universally admired gem and a wonderful gift for a loved one. We invite you to explore our exquisite range of handcrafted fine jewelry and discover the magnetic beauty of Citrine.