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October Birthstones: Divinely Feminine Pink Tourmaline and Opal

October Birthstones: Opal and Pink Tourmaline

Nature conjures up a sublimely feminine combination of her most alluring gemstones for the month of October: the mesmeric Opal and the serenely sweet Pink Tourmaline. Those born in the dreamy month of October lay claim to these coveted gems, which are commonly worn to bring good fortune into their favor.

Opals: Celestial Color Shifting Stones

As the traditional birthstone for October, the Opal’s captivating beauty has enthralled and beguiled man since the days of antiquity. In ancient times, it was believed that Opals fell from the heavens in glorious flashes of lightning, acquiring their marvelous colors in the process. Opals are best known for their spellbinding display of shifting rainbow hues - a mesmerizing phenomenon known as ‘play-of-color’. It was this unique shifting play of colors, that led the Romans to believe that this celestial stone was the most precious and powerful of all the gems. The Opal derives its name from the Sanskrit word‘upala’meaning gemstone, later evolving into‘opalus’ in ancient Rome.

Opal Formation & Origin

While ancient civilizations revered Opals as gifts from the heavens, this precious stone’s origin lies deep below ground, in the heart of the earth. These curious, color-shifting gems are the result of seasonal rains that saturate dry ground regions such as Australia’s outback. As the water soaks deep into the ancient underground rock, it picks up silica from sandstone, and carries the dissolved silica downward into cracks and voids caused by natural faults. Over time, the water evaporates, leaving behind a silica deposit that forms Opal. This October birthstone is mined in many places around the globe. Australian Opal mines are the most productive and are well known for producing the sought-after Black Opal. Countries such as Brazil, Mexico and Ethiopia are also significant contributors of mined Opals.

Pink Tourmaline: A Spectrum of Pleasing Hues

Pink Tourmaline is the newer birthstone associated with the month of October. This delightful October birthstone shares its pedigree with the greater Tourmaline family of gems- an extraordinary group known for its unsurpassed range of colors. Similarly, Pink Tourmalines too boast a breath-taking spectrum of gorgeous pink hues. From ephemeral pastel pinks, rosy blush tones to vibrant hot pinks, Pink Tourmalines present a bouquet of choice for those in search of a unique and meaningful item of jewellery that captures their distinctive spirit.

Steeped in Legend and Lore

Tourmaline derives its name from the Sinhalese (language of Sri Lanka) word‘tormalli’, meaning a stone with mixed colors, as the gem often displays many colors in one crystal. This same reverence for the stone’s awesome array of colors is echoed in an Egyptian legend. According to ancient Egyptian lore, the tourmaline’s assortment of colors is a result of its long journey from the earth’s heart, up towards the sun. In the gem’s voyage up towards the glowing sun, it travelled along a rainbow, collecting all the colors along its ascension to the heavens above. An origin story steeped in awe and reverie, little wonder ancient mystics believed that this precious gem could inspire artistic expression, love, creativity, and spirituality.


Pink Tourmaline Birthstone Charm Pendant

Gifting Opal and Pink Tourmaline

The shared beauty and mystical allure of Opals and Pink Tourmaline make them the worthy and rightful birthstones for those born in October. Striking, compelling and evocative in their own ways, gifting a treasured loved one with birthstone jewelry featuring one of these striking gems, ensures that you find a timeless piece that embodies the recipient’s innate spirit and charm. In western cultures, Tourmaline corresponds with the astrological sign of Libra, making it a thoughtful gift for those who lay claim to the star sign.  

Known as a stone that embodies love and inspires compassion and gentleness, Pink Tourmaline is a gem associated with the eighth wedding anniversary. This beautiful sentiment is made manifest in Pink Tourmaline jewelry- a statement of grace and thoughtfulness towards each other as the years shared together unfold.  The Opal is traditionally gifted in celebration of one’s fourteenth wedding anniversary and has long been associated with love, desire and passion. Seductive in its beauty, the ancient Greeks believed that Opal intensified emotional states and bestowed the gift of prophecy and protection. While the belief in its mythical prowess has long since waned, today the Opal remains representative of truth, purity, hope and harmony.

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