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December Birthstones: Who is the Fairest of them All?

December Birthstones: A Heavenly Blue Palette of Beautiful Gems

The dreamy month of December brings with it a bounty of beautiful blue birthstones, each gem boasting its own unique charm and appeal. Those who have the good fortune of celebrating a birthday in December, lay claim to Blue Topaz, Tanzanite, Turquoise and Blue Zircon as their birthstones. It would be hard to imagine a more heavenly palette of blue hues that echo the mercurial and mutable nature of the sky above. One thing is certain, blue is an evocative color with all the emotional underpinnings to draw one deep into reverence with it. Inspiring, intense, serene, and bold, the color blue spans the breadth of human emotion. So too exists a deep emotive association with each of these beautiful blue gems associated with the auspicious month of December. Choosing birthstone jewelry for the month of December is an utter delight with its wonderful assortment of captivating birthstones to choose from! Below you’ll find a helpful guide on December’s birthstone that will make your decision a touch easier.


Blue Topaz: The Affectionately Alternative December Birthstone

While technically not an “official” December birthstone, Blue Topaz is a growing popular alternative to the traditional birthstones: Tanzanite, Zircon and Turquoise. This glistening blue gem has been an object of affection for centuries. From the Aztecs to the ancient Greeks and Egyptians, civilizations of old have long treasured it as a source of potent protection, strength and beauty. In Europe during the Renaissance, it was believed that topaz could dispel anger and break magic spells. Further east in India, wearing topaz above the heart was common practice, with many believing that the gem assured long life, intelligence and beauty.

Today, besides securing the title of December’s alternative birthstone, Blue Topaz is also regarded as a symbol of deep affection, love and loyalty. It is the anniversary gem signifying both the fourth and 19th wedding anniversary. Its current romantic association with loyalty and affection has seen it become a firm favorite as a contemporary symbol of love in the modern age- making Blue Topaz jewelry a perfect sentimental gift for a loved one!

Precious topaz exists in an exceptionally wide spectrum of colors including various tones and saturations of green, yellow, orange, red, pink and purple. However Blue Topaz, with its striking color gradations ranging from icy light blue to the signature hue of London Blue Topaz, has without a doubt claimed a space of its own amongst its peers. Its wonderful range of blue tones and durability as a gemstone, makes it a firm favorite amongst jewelry lovers and designers alike.


Tanzanite: The Exceptionally Rare December Birthstone

Tanzanite is an exceptional blue-violet gemstone that is mined only in a small area of land at the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. First discovered in the late 1960’s, Tanzanite is one thousand times rarer than diamonds. Ever since it’s discovery, this remarkably rare and unique gem has captivated the hearts and imaginations of jewelry lovers the world over. Known for its exquisite shades of blue and violet, the allure of its extreme rarity and its exceptional brilliance, Tanzanite displays the best qualities of a December birthstone.

Tanzanite is a variety of the mineral zoisite and ranges in color from vibrant blues to electric violet or deep royal purple. This striking variation in color is called trichroism and is yet another one of the unique qualities of this gem.

Along with its mesmerising color, Tanzanite boasts a fascinating history steeped in African mystique and lore. Among the local people in Tanzania, it is widely believed that Tanzanite was created by an act of God when he set the land alight in a magnificent blaze of lightning strikes. After the fires burnt out and the earth had tempered and cooled, the rocks deep below the earth’s crust turned a glistening blue. This blue color is regarded as sacred and spiritual amongst the Maasai people and is associated with celebrations of new life and beginnings. As such, it has become tradition for Maasai women to receive Tanzanite after the birth of a child as a gift symbolizing prosperity, health and contentment. Tanzanite’s association with new life and prosperity make it a truly special gift for mothers, partners or those dear who have brought children into the world. Tanzanite is also the gemstone traditionally gifted as jewelry to celebrate the 24th wedding anniversary.


Turquoise: The Timelessly Beautiful December Birthstone

Turquoise is a vivid blue-green gemstone that has been cherished for millennia. It is the third birthstone for December and is known to be one of the first precious stones to ever be mined and used in jewelry.  Ancient Egyptians adorned themselves with Turquoise jewelry and would bury their rulers with this coveted stone. Turquoise was revered as one of the most desired precious materials used for carving; the Aztecs crafted the precious stone into magnificent masks and Chinese artisans used it in their carvings dating as far back as 3,000 years ago. The allure of this unmistakable blue stone captivated the ancient world with Hindu mystics believing that seeing a Turquoise after observing the new moon was a sign of assured wealth in the future. 

Ancient civilizations across the globe believed that Turquoise possessed great spiritual value. In today’s world, Turquoise is synonymous with Native American culture and is seen as a ceremonial gem of immense value and significance. Many Native American tribes of the southwestern US incorporate the spellbindingly blue stone in beautiful amulets, talismans, bracelets and jewelry. Further afield in Tibet, Turquoise reigns supreme as the national gem and is traditionally considered to be a stone that guarantees good fortune, health and protection from evil.

The saturated blue green color of Turquoise is unmistakable and its naturally mottled appearance with lovely textures appeals to any jewelry lover who favors a more natural, earthy look. 


Blue Zircon – The Underrated December Birthstone

Perhaps the most underrated and lesser known of December’s birthstones is Blue Zircon. This charming icy blue gem is unfairly confused with cubic zirconia. Zircon occurs in a dazzling array of colors and is known for its exquisite brilliance and flashes of multicolored light. Blue Zircon in particular, is a favorite amongst jewelry designers and lovers, cherished for its pastel to sky blue brilliance. Its crystal-clear blue hue and enchanting sparkle make Blue Zircon a wonderfully charming December birthstone.

This serenely blue birthstone has its fair share of folklore and charm. During the Middle Ages this gem was believed to safeguard from evil, induce sound sleep and bestow the wearer with good fortune, honor and wisdom. Today, Blue Zircon is beloved as one of December’s birthstones and is widely used in contemporary jewelry design.


December Birthstone Jewelry Gifting

December’s exquisite range of birthstones are best known for their beautiful shades of blue. From the electric blue-violet flash of Tanzanite, to the icy blue sparkle of Blue Zircon, December’s birthstones offer up a captivating display of sky-toned blue. 

For those with an eye for beauty that tilts slightly to the cooler side of the color spectrum, the precious gems associated with the final month of the year present a truly wonderful selection that doesn’t require a December birthday to enjoy. Whether it be a wedding anniversary, a token of affection or a special birthday gift, you’re bound to find the perfect blue gem suited for a special handcrafted item of jewelry in our guide above.

 If dreamy blue gemstone jewelry is what you’re looking for, we invite you to explore our collection of thoughtfully designed and exquisitely handcrafted jewelry.