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Ruby - The Fiery Red Birthstone for July

July Birthstone: The Enchanting Red Glow of Rubies

With its vibrant, fierycolor and glowing red fluorescence, the ruby is a remarkablebeauty, if not a touch mystical. A symbol of passion and power,the gemmost often associated with beauty and romance, these red treasures have captivated our attention for thousands of years, sparking both passionate love affairs and fierce battles. Thevibrantruby is the official birthstone for July. If you happen to be one of the fortunate folks celebrating their birthday during the month,you sureare lucky tohave one of the most covetedpreciousgems in the world as a birthstone. One that boasts an equally long and fascinating history steeped in mythology and mysticism.


King of Precious Gems

Throughout the ages, rubies have been the prized possessions of emperors and kings.The first royal connotations associated with the ruby trace as far back as ancient India, where it wascommonlyreferred to as the “king of gems,” a translation of its Sanskrit name,ratnaraj.

Early cultures revered the ruby’s similarity incolor to the vibrant redness of blood, establishing a meaningful connection to the very life force that coursed through their veins. At the time, rubies were thought to possess the power of life itself. Bestowing the wearer with vitality, good health, prosperity and protection from misfortune. Its mystical beauty was so revered that ancient Hindus believed that if they made an offering of rubies to the god Krishna, they would be reborn as emperors.

The ruby derives its English name from theLatin wordruber, which means “red.”Its distinctive redcolor varies in shade and intensity and is determined by the amount of chromium and/or iron present in its mineral structure.Along with sapphires, rubies are members of the corundum family and are considered to beone of the four major precious stones.Their characteristic hardness, rarity, lustre and durability make them one of theworld’smost sought-after gems. Today, rubies command the highest price per carat of all the coloured stones.


The Warriors Stone of Protection, Power and Invincibility

Throughout the Asian diaspora, rubies have carried significanthistoricalmeaning. Chinese noblemenadorned their armor with rubies, believingthatthe precious gem possessedmysticalpowers of protection.Journeying slightly further afield, to what we now refer to as modern-day Myanmar,ancient Burmese warriors would go as far as implanting rubies underneath their skin in order to make themselves invincible on the battlefield.

Over the course of history, the ruby has interwoven itself throughout a wide scope of legends and myths. In India, it was widely believed that rubies allowed their owners to coexist in peace with their enemies, bestowing them with the advantage of absolute safety and protection.


Celebrated Symbol of Love, Passion & Beauty

Throughout the centuries, many cultures have admired and celebrated the ruby as the ultimate symbol of love, passion, beauty and romance. As such, they have long been considered the perfect wedding gem and are traditionally given to commemorate 15th and 40th wedding anniversaries.

Boasting a deep red color, often accented by a fierypinkish fluorescencethat isreminiscent of glowing embers trapped in stone, rubies have become synonymous with romance, intense passion and success in love.Rubies reign supreme as the ultimate symbol of love, making them a wonderfully romantic and meaningful gift to present that special someone in your life.


The World’s Most CovetedColored Stone

Rubies remain one of the most sought-after colored gems in the world, continuing to delight and enchant admirers to this day.Famous for their vibrant blood-redcolor withglowingpurplish hues, Burmese Rubies, also called Pigeon’s Blood Rubies, are widely regarded as some of the finest specimens,famous for their exceptional quality andintensecolor.During the 1990’s, thesoutheast Asian nation of Myanmar was the world’s main producer of high quality rubies. Today, ruby deposits are mined in Thailand, Vietnam, India, East Africa and parts of the Middle East.

The characterful ruby is abeautifulrare gem that puts on a warm and vibrant display ofcolor that is universally admired, making it a beautiful gift for any special occasion.Explore ourstunningrange of handcrafted finejewelry and discover the enchanting beauty of the ruby for yourself!