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Aquamarine - March's Striking Blue Birthstone

Aquamarine – The Magical Blue Birthstone for March

With tones ranging from pale blue to striking sea-green, aquamarine is the primary birthstone for the month of March. Its name is derived from the Latin phrase aqua marina, which translates to ocean water. Little wonder some describe the semi-precious stone like holding the sea in your hand, while others say it invokes tranquillity. Either way, its mesmerizing turquoise blue colors will cast a spell of visual delight on its owner.

A Good Luck Charm from the Ocean

Legend has it that Aquamarines were considered sacred to Neptune, God of the Sea and were believed to originate from mermaids tails. Breathtaking in their beauty and charming mystique, these stones were said to have washed ashore from the depths of the ocean and collected by sailors as good luck charms to ensure a safe and prosperous voyage. To this day, the stone carries a strong association with the ocean and safe travels. As the official birthstone for the month of March, aquamarine stones are believed to compliment the natural born leader, adventurer, educator and planner.

Rekindling the Spirit of Young Love

This alluring blue stone is also known to have rejuvenating qualities in the realm of romance and is frequently given on anniversaries.  Aquamarine is believed to draw on the spirit of young love in order to reignite passion between long-married couples. Traditionally, it is the suggested gem to give on your 16th and 19th wedding anniversary.

Blue is the Warmest Color

Aquamarines come in a variety of shades from pale blue, turquoise, sea-green and intense blue. During the 19th century, it’s beautiful sea-green varieties were the most popular shade at the time. Today, the darker, more intense blue varieties are the most sought after. The deeper the color, the more valuable the stone. This makes aquamarine a hot commodity and as a result, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find.

Part of the beryl group of gemstones, aquamarine and emerald are kissing cousins. This semi-precious stone is predominantly mined in Brazil. However, smaller deposits are found in Zambia, Madagascar, Mozambique, Nigeria and Pakistan. It was during the late 1980’s in Brazil, when three miners found an exceptionally large aquamarine crystal. The meter-long aquamarine was accidentally dropped by prospectors and broke into three pieces.

The fragmented pieces were purchased by a Brazilian buyer, the largest of which was transformed into a 14 inch obelisk with a weight of 10,363 carats. Known today as the Dom Pedro Aquamarine- it is the world’s largest aquamarine gemstone in existence. Its soft, blue-green color is reminiscent of a quiet lagoon on a tropical morning. The Dom Pedro was cut from what many believe to be the largest gem-quality crystal ever found.

Whether you’re looking to gift your loved one for their birthday or to celebrate an age-old promise of commitment for your wedding anniversary, I invite you to browse our collection of handcrafted jewelry; all of which can be customized with Aquamarine gemstones.