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September Birthstone: The Stunning Allure of Sapphires

Sapphires: A Story of Kaleidoscopic Color and Regal Appreciation

Get ready to swoon over September’s birthstone!

Throughout the centuries, sapphires have long held the world captive with the vivid color variation and arresting beauty. As the official birthstone for the month of September, those lucky enough to celebrate their birthday this month have one of the most coveted and admired precious gems to symbolize their birth. There’s something truly special about sapphires, their beauty unmistakable, but there’s something deeper that immediately draws your gaze to the stone. Surely, one of nature’s most mesmerizing jewels must have an equally fascinating history behind it that explains its alluring charm.


Out Of Violent Intensity Arises Exceptional Beauty

Sapphires are actually rarer than the diamond, which is often considered as the paragon of beauty in the world of gemstones. However, it could be argued that its beauty and incredible formation is equally matched by the stunning sapphire. After all, making one requires the force of moving mountains- literally.

Sapphires are formed within the Earth’s crust with violent intensity during the process of plate tectonics. These geological processes play out under enormous pressure beneath the Earth’s crust. All continents ride on these giant tectonic plates which are pushed and pulled by heat deep within our planet’s core. Crashing over and under each other for billions of years, these tectonic plates have caused massive earthquakes and pushed up towering mountain ranges. Incredible heat and pressure caused by massive friction from colliding tectonic plates liquefies rock which along with various trace elements reform to create new minerals in the form of a rainbow of rare and precious gemstones such as sapphires.


Sapphires: Blue Is Just the Beginning

The first image that comes to mind when most of us think of a sapphire is a brilliant, deep velvety- blue jewel with an elegant sparkle. While it is true that the world’s most celebrated and highly coveted sapphires are indeed blue, this crystal stunner comes in a wonderful array of color variations!

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Sapphires are a variety of the mineral Corundum which is colorless in its pure state. The dazzling displays of color we most often think about are caused by various trace elements that are present during the minerals' formation. These trace elements absorb and reflect different colors of light. The trace elements responsible for the most popular and instantly recognizable blue color of sapphires are iron and titanium.

Sapphires also exist in variations of pink, violet, green, yellow, orange, purple, orange and intermediate hues- these are often called “fancy sapphires”. Generally, fancy sapphires are less available than their more famous blue counterparts.  


Sapphire History and Lore

As far back as 800BC, sapphires have been prized gemstones thought to instill wisdom, loyalty, good judgment and divine favor. The sapphire’s celestial blue color was commonly associated with the heavens, spiritual enlightenment, purity and divine protection. Blue sapphires were considered of significant value and importance as a holy stone to the catholic church, as well as Ancient Persians who believed that these enigmatic stones turned the sky blue with their color. Further east, sapphires were used during worship by Hindus and Buddhists believed that the precious gem brought spiritual enlightenment.

However, sapphires did not remain the exclusive to priests and religious leaders. Throughout the ages, royal families across the globe became transfixed by the stone’s mesmerizing beauty and sapphires soon became one of the hallmark precious gems representing nobility. Spanning generations, monarchs past and present have held a deep sense of appreciation for the arresting beauty of sapphires as a token of nobility, wisdom and divine devotion.

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One of the world’s most celebrated sapphire’s, is the 12 carat, brilliant blue sapphire from Sri Lanka that was worn as an engagement ring by Lady Diana. Today, the same ring is worn by the new Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. Royal romance, old-world charm and timeless elegance.


Gifting: The Perfect Sentimental Stone

For those enamored by the historic romance associated with this precious gem but also want something truly out of the ordinary, fancy sapphires offer a stunning rainbow of colorful options. This makes choosing a wonderfully personal and unique gift of birthstone jewelry for a loved one celebrating their special day in September and absolute treat!

Blue sapphires are also the traditional gift to celebrate a 45th wedding anniversary as it symbolizes deep and enduring love. While the striking blue sapphire may have historically symbolized the fidelity, everlasting affection and romantic devotion of a union that spans almost half a century, more recently, sapphire jewelry is now also gifted on fifth wedding anniversaries. This relatively modern matrimonial tradition frames the gift of sapphires perhaps as a reinforced promise of enduring love and continued devotion.

Celebrating your fifth wedding anniversary soon and searching for an heirloom-worthy piece of jewelry to commemorate your hallmark achievement of love? This beautifully handcrafted Wedding Anniversary Band can be customized with white, yellow, pink or blue sapphires, and may be the perfect gift! Stylishly elegant and striking in its simplicity, the sapphires will steal the show, making this ring not only stunning but a thoughtful and fitting sentiment too!

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Your treasured commitment of marriage, whether in its first flush of spring or reaching its aspirational evergreen status, is epitomized in jewel-form with the arresting beauty of sapphires- making it an excellent wedding anniversary gift.

It’s no secret that at AWJ were inspired by real-life love stories and crafting one-of-a-kind pieces that celebrate and commemorate life’s most precious moments. If you’ve always wanted to own a truly unique piece of sapphire jewelry, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and find out how we can create a custom design that has been crafted exclusively for you to treasure for years to come!